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HR Mobile App [DRAFT]


Project Overview

HR tasks don't need to be painful, onerous and boring. Our Experience Designers spoke to staff from across the business to find out what they wanted from HR. It supported corporate analysis that the 3 primary HR tasks that frustrate staff were submitting leave, time-sheets and accessing their payslips. For managers it was approving leave and time-sheets. Of particular concern are our front-line staff, many do not have easy access to desktops to complete these tasks. Our backend processes haven't changed but we have completely re-imagined how our staff have to interact with them for mobile.




Telstra Design Practice
Rebecca Coleman - Experience Design Lead
Chirryl-lee Ryan - Visual Designer

HR Continuous Improvement Team
Melissa Dorey - Manager

External Developers

Project Brief

Early previews of the HR Mobile app; one our first enterprise wide apps designed for our staff, has created excitement in everyone who has seen it - for those people, it is changing the way our staff think of enterprise apps as well as some of their perception of HR.

The HR app is linked to SAP, while our process in the backend haven't changed, the interaction our staff have with it has been completely re-imagined, making it easier, quick and accessible anywhere by everyone.

The HR app was developed on the Kony App Development platform - allowing us to use a common code base and deploy on multiple platforms. We have taken advantage of Kony's connections to create backend linkages to SAP. This development strategy will not only allow us to deploy on other platforms such as Windows phones and web apps but also enable us to quickly and easily deploy white labeled versions of the app to our Enterprise customers with SAP.

Project Need

Our internal HR call centre receives on average 400 calls per day, peaking to 600 on payday. The majority of calls are from staff who have limited access to desktops such as call centre staff, field services technicians and retail staff.

To compensate for the lack of desktop access, many business areas set up administration teams that process these admin tasks on behalf of employees.

Many of these calls relate to their pay being wrong because support staff have entered their times incorrectly or their manager has not approved their timesheet or leave applications in time for the payrun.

As a result staff feel removed from the process and lack confidence in it.

The HR Mobile app attempts to resolve these issues by putting control of timesheets and leave entry in the hands of our all our staff. Our 40,000 staff will have access to their primary HR tasks in the palm of their hand anywhere, anytime.

We are prompting managers with Push Notifications if leave or timesheet approvals are still pending in the lead up to pay. We will also give our staff notification if their manager hasn't approved their timesheets and the pay run is about to close, they are able to chase them up directly.

The HR Mobile App will reduce the need for support staff to have to complete these tasks, improving trust in the process and reduce calls about incorrect pay.

User Experience

Detailed analysis of feedback from staff, call history logs from our HR internal call centre and business inefficiencies was completed by the HR Continuous Improvements Team during a requirements gathering stage.

In parallel we conducted a 6 week user research program that included contextual inquiry with our staff in multiple locations including offices for corporate and support staff, call centres, ride-alongs with our technical field service staff and our retail store staff.

Our focus was uncovering the key pain points and areas of improvement in delivering information and HR services to our staff.

Given that Enterprise mobile apps had not yet rolled out, one of the areas of inquiry was to determine if our staff and people managers would be interested in a mobile app to supplement the existing HR and Payroll system. We found that both staff and people managers were very supportive of the HR Continuous Improvement Teams intention to create a mobile app to be able to complete some of these tasks on their mobile devices.

Following the initial design phase we conducted user experience testing of the HR mobile app and found significant savings in effort to complete tasks on the mobile app as compared to our existing People Express payroll and HR system.

Project Marketing

Our marketing strategy utilises both traditional corporate communications cascade while also leveraging our social platform Yammer, to drive viral interest via key influencers, rather than hierarchy.

We have an engaged group of vocal early adopters that have broad reach across the company and we will be directly marketing previews and sneak peek info to this audience, to generate a high level of interest pre launch. This is ground breaking from a comms perspective, where typically we only unveil new technology solutions to the company on launch day.

Typically in corporate communications we cascade information once and hope that it hits all employees. Our My HR App campaign will be an ongoing series of communication pieces and social conversations that continue to drive interest from pre-launch, to the 6 months leading up to the second release.

My HR App addresses pain points that are known throughout the company, the current experience has even been demonised to a certain extent – so we will be making the most of this common knowledge in our messages and creating a sense of fun and common understanding with our audience to reduce the distance some employees may feel between their day to day role and the role of HR.

Project Privacy

Our organisation is extremely focussed on privacy for both our customers and our employees. We have implemented all required processes, checks and evaluations to ensure that My HR App exceeds expectations for security and privacy. Dedicated resources have been working in with the various groups within our company that are the custodians of privacy and security for the last 6 months.

To have access to the HR mobile app, our staff require their mobile devices to be managed by our Mobile Device Management (MDM) and for the staff member to have logged into their corporate account either at some time during that day or at the time of launching the HR Mobile app. If they have previously logged that day, they will skip login and be taken straight to their personalised home screen.

The category relates to applications that aid productivity in Line of Business.
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