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Snaptch App [DRAFT]




Project Overview

Since launching in January 2014, Snaptch has been referred to as "An Australian startup that's snaffling market share in the creative portfolio business" by FELLT Industry. Snaptch is an app for the iPhone and iPad that marks the modelling industry's evolution into the digital space.

Snaptch has revolutionised a model's portfolio by reimagining it into a digital form in a handsome, modern & intuitive interface. Alongside an immersive portfolio gallery it also includes metrics of a models following across social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter & Facebook) to indicate their reach and influence.

Project Commissioner


Project Creator

Chris van Raay


Chris van Raay

Project Brief

The project brief was to create an iPhone and iPad version of the printed comp card used by models. It needed to allow the model to customise their photos and personal details as well as the details of their agent. At castings, a potential client needed to be able to browse the portfolio, select images and save details of the model.

At castings, Snaptch needed to improve engagement with a client by enhancing the booking process through the ability to quickly shortlist a model's portfolio & easily create a booking request directly from within the app.

As Steve Jobs once said, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." The brief for the design was to create Snaptch to be intuitive, gestural and stylish.

Snaptch is also a start-up and with that in mind the brief was to balance the budget to achieve high impact in a small feature set, built on a solid foundation that can continue to be built upon.

Project Need

The social media profile of a model has become of huge importance to the modelling industry because of what it’s worth in terms of profitable advertising space for clients. Snaptch provides the market with new outcomes by allowing models to display their photographic portfolios to clients together with their social media profiles. Snaptch is one of the only products on the market that enables models to “disclose” their portfolio in both “real” terms and social terms.

A second major advantage of Snaptch is that it offers the modelling industry (on a global sale) a consistent tool that works to modernise the entire industry. All models & all agencies can use Snaptch, allowing it to become a powerful & generic industry tool. No more need to print comp card that are instantly out of date - in Snaptch, social media stats are updated automatically and adding new images takes just seconds.

Tori's experience as a model agent led her to conclude that at this point in time a large proportion of successful models tend to be a part of Generation Y and Generation Z - generations of highly progressive early adopters. Snaptch carefully caters for these generations by providing tools that meet models were they naturally operate i.e. on their iPads & iPhones.

User Experience

The user experience design and creative design of the application have been carefully considered to bring together a fashion-inspired aesthetic with a simple and intuitive interaction. Snaptch caters to three different end users - the model, their agent and a potential new client.

The app launches into an immersive cover, featuring the models name, their agency and vital social media stats. This hovers above the models cover shot. From there the user simply scrolls up to browse through the model's portfolio. In a highly unique interaction design, key information from the cover transitions into place, where it locks to the top of the screen.

From the portfolio, images can be selected with a tap to save them, from where they can then be sent to the client, along with the model's measurements and agent booking details.

The model's experience is just as simple, allowing them to enter information and add images via their Photo Library, Drop Box or iTunes.

Project Marketing

Snaptch has been marketed through a number of different channels, both offline and on, with a strong presence on social media.

On social media it connects with potential new users and interacts with the fashion and modelling communities. Instagram is especially relevant to the modelling industry, and this is where you will usually find Tori sharing updates, posting in the “Snaptch likes…” campaign and sharing the portfolio covers of Snaptch users all over the world.

Snaptch has received coverage in a number of broad and industry-specific publications including The West Australian, Fashion Copious and FELLT Industry. Just months after Snaptch launched legendary fashion journalist Patty Huntington wrote on FELLT that “...Snaptch could perhaps already be regarded as a leader in its field.”

Project Privacy

Models can chose which information they choose to display within the app. Given clients will also be handed the portfolio to use, security was also paramount, and all application settings are protected by a pin code.

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