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Project Overview

Digitalinc are the developers of an innovative software platform designed to enhance the productivity of mobile sales or service teams. Digitalinc strives to maintain an innovative position within the mobile business app’s market place through its industry leading mobile productivity app, ARISapp




The Digital Inc team features a blend of senior industry experience and technical expertise with a culture of innovative thinking. Each of us are experts in mobile solutions and are dedicated to building elegant, simple and effective mobile applications to make the most of the mobile revolution. When you partner with Digital Inc, you can expect to deal with industry leaders at all levels of the business. Our culture supports innovative thinking and encouraging team members to bring fresh, new ideas to the board so we can create solutions that are easy to use, elegant but effective. Our dedication to this goal allows us to create applications which support the ongoing mobile revolution.

Project Brief

ARISapp is a powerful mobile platform that encourages collaboration between Administrators and their mobile workforce. ARISapp is flexible and versatile and has the ability to suit any business across a wide range of industries. ARISapp comprises 6 modules and the ability to drop, add and manipulate all modules to suit a businesses needs.

Project Need

ARISapp offers the user the power of a large scale enterprise platform but with the ease and convenience of a consumer delivered app. ARISapp allows Administrators to distribute and manage content, access and submit forms, deliver training on the go, communicate through activity streams and chat messaging, monitor sales targets and goals through recognition and plan and manage events. Empowering mobile teams with the information, motivation and knowledge anytime they need it.

With a simple set up and a user-friendly interface ARISapp enables mobile teams to work effectively under an integrated platform, providing the simplicity of a single relationship that no other app can offer.

User Experience

ARISapp has two end users – the Administrator and the User. The Administrator engages with the Admin Portal to distribute Content, create and manage Forms, Communicate with Users, create and track Training quizzes, monitor Users progress with Recognition and create and manage Events. The Admin Portal also allows Administrators to run reports on any function in ARISapp.

Users engage with ARISapp through their mobile device. They receive and engage with Content, They can fill out Forms, Communicate with Administrators and other Users, answer quiz questions and stay motivated through Recognition. ARISapp allows Users to stay engaged with a business while out in the field.

Project Marketing

ARISapp use social media as our main marketing platform. We update our social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest, as well as our blog with new feature updates and company news. We regularly run case studies on clients experiences with ARISapp and publish them on our website and blog.

We also use Email Direct Marketing to launch new features to our current Administrators, so they stay up to date with ARISapp. To assist our support team with training of new Administrators, we have developed a playlist (available on YouTube and our online Knowledge Base) of “How-To” videos, going through various features in ARISapp.

Project Privacy

Privacy and security is important to us at ARISapp. To summarise, we conform to the Data Protection Act 1998.

This category relates to applications developed in order to aid and facilitate organisations requiring mobility whilst out of the office.
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