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The Toolshed [DRAFT]




Project Overview

The Toolshed is an all-in-one business productivity tool covering all aspects of Australian Workplace Health and Safety legislation. It has been designed to eliminate and streamline the day to day processes of meeting the Australian legislations.


The App Shed Pty Ltd


The team at the App Shed have over 20 years of design experience specialising in creative, innovative and accountable marketing solutions primarily via the Internet media.

Project Brief

In 2011 The App Shed was approached by one of the leading private exploration drilling companies in Australia to develop a solution that would meet the requirements of the current Australian Workplace Health and Safety legislation.

Specific Modules of the App:

- Daily Operational Reports
- Vehicle Prestart Checklists
- Fault Reports
- Material Requisitions
- Hazard Reports
- Toolbox Meeting Reports
- Incident/Injury Reports
- Job Safety Analysis Reports
- Alert System

with integrated image capture functionality

The aim was to focus on cost savings, reduction in paperwork, efficiency improvements and ease of use, whilst at the same time delivering a significant improvement in current methodology.

Key objectives of the App included:
- capture vital data from extremely remote locations and consolidate into a centralised database
- develop a reliable low cost system that manages, stores, communicates and shares large volumes of information and performance data independent of on-site IT structures.
- develop a software App that would confirm with specific Australian legislative requirements

Critical Elements:
- two way information exchange
- data migration to and from the mobile device
- synchronisation of data whilst maintaining operational integrity

Project Need

The App aims to provide daily information used for statistical reporting by businesses, such as resource management, legislated safety control issues and key operational information.

Exhaustive study of the current technology indicates that no such App exists in the current marketplace. The intended system for synchronising data from a mobile device to a centralised database, particularly to and from extremely remote locations, is currently unknown and non-existent. The chosen methodology significantly improved and advanced the current paper-based process.

The elimination of hand-written paperwork and subsequent physical storage, has proven to be not only time saving, but also the ideal method to cut costs and save companies thousands, whilst meeting the stringent requirements of Workplace Health and Safety legislation.

By using the Toolshed App, companies are assured of quality improvements, strengthened client relationships, and speedy handling of daily paperwork.

User Experience

Simplicity and ease of use were identified as the critical elements to the success of the Toolshed App.

The App Shed experimented with a variety of interface designs to ensure a logical and intuitive user experience. Bearing in mind that users are working in extremely difficult conditions, we settled on a simple, user-friendly GUI, after testing with various prototypes.

The App is currently in use by over 200 individual users, with minimal or no training, indicating that the uncomplicated and simple interface is successful and ergonomically sound.

Project Marketing

The App Shed commissioned an external marketing company to carry out research throughout the construction, mining and building industries. Surveys were conducted to gain a clear understanding of the specific needs of the industry in relation to Workplace Health and Safety.

We have also advertised in industry-specific publications to promote the product. Apple Australia has also expressed interest in carrying out market case studies to gauge industry acceptance.

The product has received numerous positive reviews from various sources and in particular from companies who are currently using the App in their day to day operations. It has proved extremely vital to the successful performance of their business and achieved significant cost savings.

Project Privacy

The App Shed Pty Ltd respects the privacy of its clients and their personnel, and will never share information with third parties. Any data obtained will be used to improve our services and performance.

This category recognises applications that aid and facilitate productivity such as notes, diaries, schedulers, data entry and spreadsheet apps.
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