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TIKS Pre-Start [DRAFT]




Project Overview

TIKS Pre-Start is an innovative Australian-designed iOS, Android and web application that revolutionises industrial health and safety documentation and reporting in the workplace.

TIKS Pre-Start complies with WHS Acts, and provides front-line workers with super-fast, up-to-date information, and the ability to report health and safety issues on-site. It also allows managers to drastically reduce paper documentation, vastly increase efficiency and greatly improve safety in the workplace.

With its amazingly intuitive user interface, TIKS Pre-Start is becoming a must-have application for any business wanting to take health and safety seriously, while at the same time turbo-charging productivity, efficiencies and profitability.


Chocolate Coded Pty Ltd


Chocolate Coded’s team of Master Chocolatiers has a passion in developing the worlds finest business and education applications. We specialise in developing technology, which can be used in the palm of your hand, on the web, at your office or on a kiosk.

We have conducted many mobile, desktop and kiosk applications as part of our core business, and have a highly experienced and adaptable group of user experience designers, iOS developers, web application and kiosk engineer developers.

Chocolate Coded are a full-service technology firm with offices in Perth, WA, North Sydney, NSW and work with clients all across Australia.

Our selected team are qualified and experienced UX (User Experience) consultants, business analysis, graphic designers, project managers, account directors and web developers.

Project Brief

TIKS Pre-Start is a game-changer. In 2011, Chocolate Coded identified a gap in the market for how the resource sector, delivered and captured vital information to their employees. Many hours of productivity was lost by workers and managers trawling through reams of paper and documentation just to keep up with regulation and compliance around health and safety. On top of that, many workers didn't have immediate access to computers and so couldn't collate and validate the latest information. Therefore, efficiency was suffering and people’s safety was at risk.

That's when the developers at Chocolate Coded got to work. Our goal was to develop an application that was clear, simple and easy-to-use. We wanted to radically reduce paperwork, and develop a mobile, user-friendly and integrated application to take safety compliance out of the stone-age and into the 21st century.

TIKS Pre-Start provides
• Drastically reduced paperwork and storage
• Live reporting on faults and failures
• Live notifications to all employees
• A custom-built checklist suitable for any industry
• The ability to capture images of any faults
• Identification of hazard patterns
• Integration with existing repositories such as SAP

The application connects to company data through a server, ensuring everyone gets the same accurate information, and making sure safety procedures and compliance are running at maximum efficiency.

Thanks to TIKS Pre-Start, companies in Australia and around the world can now have confidence in the integrity and effectiveness of their health and safety systems, leaving owners and managers to focus on running and growing their core business.

Project Need

Before TIKS Pre-Start, frontline users had to rely on paper based procedures which could not be fully relied on. All this paperwork meant that managerial time was taken off the floor causing an impact on productivity. Now with TIKS Pre-Start all that information is at their fingertips, which reduces costs to the business and increases profits.

Despite Australia's comprehensive WH&S laws, we still only rank 7th globally for lowest workplace fatalities, with injuries and illness costing the country $57 billion per year. We wanted to change that and make an impact to the safety of Australian’s within the workplace.

Revolutionising and streamlining health and safety systems in this way requires new ideas and innovation. At Chocolate Coated, we saw it as an exciting challenge which would require an in-depth understanding of how safety systems worked and what end users really wanted.

Further to this, the app can be used off-line, when Internet access is unavailable or unsuitable. When developing TIKS Pre-Start, we used the latest in mobile and web technologies to ensure the application is at the highest of functionality and quality.

This app is an example of how new technologies can make our work life smarter and safer. Product trials have shown TIKS Pre-Start can increase efficiencies in the workplace by 89%. It has the potential to make a huge difference in the safety, productivity and effectiveness of thousands of companies around the world.

User Experience

The user is the most important part of any application. Chocolate Coated is committed to the User Centric Design (UCD) methodology, meaning we strive to understand the needs of the end user, in order to meet those needs effectively.

It's vital that our end users are able to engage with TIKS Pre-Start easily, and to understand how it works – after all, people's safety is at stake. With this in mind, we created a fictional yet representative example of workers and a list of their individual goals, to develop a low-fidelity interface. Then we applied the workers' stories and needs, and finalised the wireframes, maximising value to each user. The next step was to design the high-fidelity interface, comprising interface screens at their highest resolution, and including variations for different mobile, tablet and screen devices.

Finally, we performed user testing, to iron out any bugs and ensure the final product met the very high standards we expect of ourselves.

Now with TIKS Pre-Start, in the workplace, end users can send live reports to their HSEC manager, eliminating any physical storage and reducing the amount of paper work on site. They can instantly identify faults, capture images and set alarm notifications. Employees no longer have to search through endless paperwork or computer files.

TIKS Pre-Start ensures all information is accurate and up-to-date. Through complete site integration, TIKS Pre-Start allows end users to finally take control of health and safety practices in their workplace, ensuring a better working environment for everyone.

Project Marketing

Chocolate Coded are committed to developing amazing business applications that simplify real life issues, this is accomplished by emphasis on an amazing user experience which stays true to it’s purpose.

We work closely with industry professionals and frontline users to develop high level, specialised organisational solutions. Chocolate Coded have adopted a catchy and unique persona that we believe compliments an overall customer experience.

TIKS Pre-Start was launched via the Apple/ Play store in October 2013. Our positive reviews and high ratings are critical to our growth. Due to high demand, TIKS now have a free iOS and Android application as well as an enterprise business version.

Following the initial success of over 400 downloads in 2 weeks our marketing mediums have extended to our website, print media, exhibitions at WH&S summits, and connecting to real users through social media.

Project Privacy

Chocolate Coded respect the privacy of our customers and their users and never share this information with third parties unless consent is given. The data collected is used to better our services, improve the quality of our applications and assist in maintaining our track records:

* The information collected from all of our services is used to provide, maintain and improve our systems

* Chocolate Coded may keep record of client communications to assist in solving any issues that may arise

* Chocolate Coded may use our clients' email address to inform new services; such as upcoming changes or improvements

* Information collected from Cookies and other technologies are used to improve overall user experience and the quality of our applications

* Chocolate Coded do not share personal information with third parties, such as companies, organisations and individuals unless consent has been granted

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