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Project Overview

Launched in January 2013 as the first entirely Australian developed board portal, the system has been locally designed and developed by Australian governance experts, for organisations to have paperless board meetings. All servers are located in Australia and all support services and staff are Australian based.

BoardTRAC introduces safe, simple, and secure distribution of board papers, agendas and governance related materials anytime, anywhere. The application removes the need for carrying and distributing large paper documents for board meetings and replaces it with a simple, accessible app.




Tim Strachan – CEO
Vicky Tracey – Executive Assistant
Mary Hague – Account Manager
Darren Laverty – Marketing Executive

Project Brief

BoardTRAC has a number of features to improve board processes including highlighting and leaving notes on board documents, access to governance materials, view maps with meeting locations and vote on circular resolutions. In addition to this a ‘worth a read’ section features online legal and commercial guides as well as complimentary access to an online compliance training course on Directors Duties.

BoardTRAC Administrators have access to a range of tools to manage meetings, customise board packs, create circular resolutions and securely distribute highly confidential commercial documents. The application saves significant costs in terms of administration, time and materials – whilst greatly improving their security, auditability and governance processes. Voting can be monitored via an audit trail to keep track of who has voted, when members have been added or removed from voting eligibility, and when a resolution is passed or fails.

BoardTRAC aims to become Australia’s most trusted online board portal by balancing secure work processes with an easy-to-use and functional governance tool. BoardTRAC is a robust online portal that will help to improve efficiencies with electronic board papers, and reduce the resources needed to successfully manage board responsibilities.

Project Need

The innovative BoardTRAC app is the first to be entirely designed and developed in Australia, setting a new trend in Australian Board rooms. BoardTRAC has been developed to change the way boardroom meetings are managed, saving clients tens of thousands of dollars every year in time and materials costs associated with manual board management processes.

BoardTRAC also offers users a unique feature to vote on board matters privately and in confidence. Administrators can circulate relevant documents to users with a voting interface allowing real time voting (or done offline and collated when the iPad is back online), with a visible tally of who voted, how they voted and when, all within the administrator’s site. The voting functionality has been designed with the assistance of Minter Ellison, having regard to Australian governance requirements.

Unlike BoardTRAC, paper board packs can be easily misplaced and therefore comes with the risk of losing sensitive information. BoardTRAC removes this risk with unique pin and password required for access along with the ability to delete all board documents and notes if the iPad is lost or stolen.

BoardTRAC can be accessed ‘anywhere, anytime’ to view board documents, governance materials and board communications. BoardTRAC helps improve efficiency, resources, communication and security around board meetings and board documents.

User Experience

Other than security, user experience was a high priority when developing BoardTRAC. We developed the functionality to improve board processes by creating a user friendly platform making it simple to access documents and manage board processes. BoardTRAC listens to customer feedback and incorporates this into the development of the app to continuously improve the user experience.

Board Administrator features include:
• Customise folders and distribute documents with simple 'drag and drop’ functionality;
• Manage conflicts of interest by assigning unique access permissions to each board member;
• Upload, update and distribute board documents and communications;
• If stolen remotely delete all stored documents, notes and highlights from application;
• Simple and efficient board pack assembly and distribution;
• Save and reuse meeting templates and archive past meetings and associated documents;
• Track, update and replace document versions.

Board member features include:
• Two level password and PIN security for the portal software application;
• Access all your stored board and governance documents anywhere, anytime regardless of internet connectivity;
• Make private and secure notes and highlights directly to your virtual board documents;
• In the event of stolen or lost iPad, remotely delete all your stored board documents, notes and highlights from your BoardTRAC application;
• Convenient access to latest version meeting materials, documents and communications, including virtual map with meeting location and directions;
• Board members can view documents in landscape to improve the reading of documents;
• Circular resolution voting for Board and other meetings.

Project Marketing

Social Media: BoardTRAC has a number of social media sites including Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube. This helps us to interact with our customers and build our brand awareness to large audiences for a low-cost. These social media sites help to quickly distribute news regarding BoardTRAC on any updates or new features.

SEO: At BoardTRAC we concentrate on our SEO rankings as this is a key tool for being recognised and building brand awareness online through search engines. BoardTRAC ranks number 1 in Google for many keyword searches helping us increase our customer base both locally and internationally for a low cost.

Trade Events: BoardTRAC promotes at various trade shows and exhibitions in Australia throughout the year including industry leading events. This gives us a target market to focus on during these events and lets potential customers familiarise themselves with BoardTRAC by testing the application and watching live demonstrations.

NFP/Charities: BoardTRAC has provided complementary subscriptions to over 20 leading Australian Charities and NFPs – including Save the Children, The Alannah & Madeline Foundation, The Smith Family and The Royal Flying Doctor Service. These philanthropic organisations provide critical services to the Australian community, and are hampered by costs and risks associated with operating in accordance with corporate governance requirements. By supplying our services to these organisations free of charge, BoardTRAC ensures they save resources, and tens of thousands of dollars that can otherwise go towards delivering their services, whilst operating at the appropriate level of governance and security.

Project Privacy

Security and Privacy is at the forefront of the BoardTRAC design as we understand the need for robust security and protection for your board documents. Data hosted by BoardTRAC is encrypted and securely stored in servers located in Australia. BoardTRAC registration requires a secure username and password and subsequent access to the App requires a user PIN.

The possibility of hacking or other intrusions are an ever present threat that requires ongoing and vigilant security. All materials downloaded and stored on BoardTRAC are protected by high level encryption.

BoardTRAC documents, personal notes and highlights are automatically deleted when another user attempts to access your BoardTRAC app account. If your iPad is lost or stolen administrators can remotely delete all BoardTRAC content from the iPad. By using BoardTRAC to store and manage board and governance documents, organisations are afforded greater control of sensitive information.

Further safeguards:
• No downloaded documents are stored in the cloud.
• iTunes and iCloud data backup is blocked by BoardTRAC.
• Our servers are subjected to regular penetration testing and monitoring, ensuring industry standard security is maintained.
• No information or data can be shared with other apps or software on the iPad.
• Transport Layer Security (SSL) is used to encrypt and decrypt all file uploads to the BoardTRAC web server.
• Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-128) is used to encrypt stored files at the server and on users' iPads. A unique encryption key exists for each file and entity.

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