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The Vision and Hearing Impaired App project [DRAFT]



Project Overview

b2cloud worked with Telstra to create two world-first Google Glass apps. Designed for the visually and hearing impaired communities, the apps use groundbreaking technology to help users become more independent in their personal and professional lives. The vision-impaired app enables users to receive audio descriptions of objects in front of them and The hearing-impaired app transcribes speech for people who have hearing difficulties, allowing them to follow the conversation using Google Glass.

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Project Creator



b2cloud Android developer team working with Telstra

Project Brief

There are an increasing number of the 4 million Australians living with disabilities who have vision and hearing difficulties. It is for this reason that Telstra partnered with b2cloud to leverage the incredible technology of Google Glass to help those with vision and hearing impairments regain their independence and experience life in new and exciting ways.

Utilising the latest innovations in wearable technology, the vision and hearing impaired app project gives Glass wearers a set of unique tools. The vision-impaired app enables users to receive audio descriptions of objects in front of them. It’s as simple as a user looking at any object and saying “Ok Glass, what’s this?” Glass will take a picture, send it to the cloud where advanced image recognition software will process the image and instantly send back a description of what the user is looking it. Glass will then read the description in the users ear. such as 'a 20 dollar note'.

The hearing-impaired app transcribes speech for people who have hearing difficulties, allowing them to follow a conversation, such as a meeting or a speech at a conference. Using voice recognition software on an accompanying smartphone or laptop, Glass displays what hears in a format similar to subtitles.

Through constant updates and regular trials with real-world users, the vision and hearing impaired app project promises to be a huge step forward in connecting all Australians, no matter their difficulty.

Project Need

The Vision and Hearing Impaired App project focuses on providing those with seeing and hearing difficulties the tools necessary to work and live in an increasingly independent world.

For many Australians with vision impairments everyday tasks like reading a menu, supermarket shopping and knowing what money they are holding when paying a bill can be incredibly difficult. Traditionally they depended on a friend or stranger to help them out, which sadly isn't always a possibility. With Google Glass and our seeing app, the user only has to give a simple voice command or press a button on the side of the device in order for it to detect what is in front of the user and read it back to them.

The hearing app helps solve the difficulties of keeping up with a meeting or conversation for those with hearing impairments. It does this by using a phone or laptop to recognise and transcribe the audio and display it on Glass for the wearer to see in a way similar to subtitles. Doing this improves the user's connection with the world around them and removes barriers to participation and engagement.

User Experience

The primary focus of the vision and hearing impaired app project was to use Google Glass in such a way that it is as simple as possible for wearers to use. From the way the device detects whatever is in front of them with just a touch of a button to the effortless ease in which it displays current conversations on its screen, the project require very little instructions or technology knowhow.

All functions and designs are focused on being subtle companions as opposed to obstructive layers, giving the wearer the ability to overcome the barriers of their seeing and hearing difficulties and connect with the world around them with minimal thought or extra effort.

Project Marketing

Since Google Glass is not yet officially available in Australia the project been launched more as a prototype as opposed to an app-store available app. With just a press release and Telstra website blog it has generated an enormous amount of interest and attention leading to countless mentions in the media both in Australia and abroad. As Glass becomes more available and the apps improve with more testing and iterations, the project will open up to more and more deserving users.

Project Privacy

Privacy is protected by carefully protecting all information and data collected by the applications.

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