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RACT - Driver Training App [DRAFT]





Project Overview

RACT’s Driver Training App has digitised a paper-based process by making use of the user’s smartphone device. The app provides two core functions for learner drivers - it allows users to test their knowledge of Tasmania road rules through an interactive quiz, and secondly allows users to log their driving hours through the app.

Project Commissioner

Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania

Project Creator

Wave Digital Pty Ltd


Wave Digital Lead Developer: Matt Evans
Wave Digital Developer: Matthew Martin
Wave Digital Designer and Project Manager: Julian Carroll

Project Brief

Think back to when you were a learner driver.
There are so many different things to remember - mirrors, signalling, when you can cross a continuous white line, and remembering to bite your tongue as you watched your parents sink their nails into the passenger seats. On top of all of that, you had to remember to complete your paper logbook, and to have it in the car with you.
So RACT thought they would give Learner Drivers a break and help them out with this new app. The Driver Training app replaces the paper logbook. Basic driver details (registration, name, licence etc) are recorded and saved in the app so they do not need to be re-entered. A copy of the learner driver’s signature is also recorded. Common driving tasks and conditions like night driving, highway driving, unsealed road etc are all prepopulated so the user can record when they have driven in the various conditions. The phone’s GPS autologs the trip for ease and convenience.

Once a user has completed the required number of driving hours, they can print their recorded logs in the digital logbook which will be accepted at Tasmanian Testing Centres.

Project Need

RACT worked with the Tasmanian Road Authorities to ensure that data exported from the app would comply with their regulations, examining everything from the digital signature to the accuracy of the GPS function if a user decided to use the Autologger.

The app has the following features:
- iOS mobile phone app
- Designed and developed 100% natively
- Dashboard customised based on user details and level of use
- Two levels to the log feature – for L1 drivers and for L2 drivers
- GPS tracks users so their journeys are prepopulated for them at the end of the trip
- Digital signature recording ability for both drivers and their supervisors
- Export functionality so the digital log can be sent to the relevant staff at the road authority when required driving hours have been completed
- Prompt to let users know there are incomplete fields in their log
- Saved supervisor details (Still requires signature each time)
- Quiz to encourage users to familiarise themselves with everyday driving situations they may encounter
- Quiz questions are randomly rotated
- Quiz results and number of attempts are saved for each user (on their device)

User Experience

This app was developed, designed, and created with the end user always in mind.

The dashboard that is presented to the user allows them to see their individual tracking of what kind of driving they are doing; this should in turn prompt them to complete more or less of a certain type. Dashboards and reporting of information to individual drivers would simply not have been possible with a paper-based solution.

The GPS Autologger makes use of the user's GPS system - Again, this saves the user having to enter their start and end points, making for a more frictionless use of the app.

The app stores details locally on the phone - meaning basic entries like rego, driving licence number etc are all saved so the user doesn't have to re-enter them.

The app makes use of modern technology - learner drivers and their supervisors can use the signature area of the app to signoff on each driving log there and then. No special tools are required.

Project Marketing

The app has predominately relied on word of mouth marketing which has been very successful thus far.

The app also won the 2014 Tasmanian iAwards for innovation and is currently a finalist in the national iAwards competition.

RACT have promoted the app on their website -

The app received publicity from local online sources like The Mercury

Wave Digital also showcased the app on their blog:

The app has also been promoted through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Project Privacy

As data that users enter into the app is sensitive in nature, Wave Digital and RACT decided to store all data locally on the device to ensure best practice privacy was upheld.

This category recognises education themed apps across all education sectors.
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