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Shooting Star Sports Cards [DRAFT]




Project Overview

Shooting Star Sports Cards enables parents to create stunning personalised sports cards for their children.

Project Commissioner

Shooting Star Sports Cards

Project Creator



Appiwork is a dynamic, family-owned mobile app development company in Bathurst, regional NSW lead by Isao and Zoe Hida.

Project Brief

Shooting Star Sports Cards became a reality in 2014, an idea born from a couple of sports crazy dads who simply wanted to see their own children appear on a personalised sports card. After several attempts to source a company to make this happen, owners Shane and Mick decided to create their very own website that would allow every child regardless of the sport to appear on their own sports card.

Project Need

Shooting Star Sports Cards create an opportunity for all children to see themselves portrayed as an elite sportsperson. Our cards display two images of your child as well as information about your child’s chosen sport, age, position, achievements, nickname, club, club colours and other exciting information about your child.

Shooting Star Sports Cards can be given as a gift to family and friends throughout the season or as part of your child’s end of season presentation day as a team set of cards to all players either alongside the traditional trophy or as a standalone gift.

Clubs can also use Shooting Star Sports Cards for fundraising. Cards can be purchased by clubs at a guaranteed low price and then on-sold to players, family, friends, sponsors and even traded amongst each other. By doing so, clubs can raise much needed funds for their club.

Parents can join in the fun and develop their very own card using images and information of years gone by in their chosen sport, coupled with their children’s personalised sporting cards. A family tree of sports cards can be created, and what better way to connect as a family.

At Shooting Star Sports Cards, we believe the simple act of giving a child a gift that highlights the positive aspects of their life may help build confidence, inspire them and make them happy.

User Experience

Shooting Star Sports Cards have made the online ordering system as simple and user-friendly for customers on PC’s, tablets and smart phones.

The fully responsive design and integration with iOS and Android cameras enables parents to create beautiful sports cards as they stand on the side of the field watching their children play.

Project Marketing

Shooting Star Sports Cards have been promoted widely at live sporting events and on Faceboook.

Product Ambassador George Rose recently helped launch the cards at the Gorden Tallis Cup in Townsville in July 2014.

Project Privacy

Privacy is a foundation of Shooting Star Sports Cards as it collects, stores and uses private personal information about customers and children featured in the cards.

A very detailed and up to date privacy policy governs the operations of Shooting Star Sports Cards and the people who interact with the website.

Applicable to all sport themed Apps inlcuding games, instructional, live broadcast, interactive, event, club and fan based applications.
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