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Active Globe - An Innovative Fitness Experience [DRAFT]







Project Overview

Turn Your Physical Activity into a Real World Travel Experience. Taking You Around the Globe to Complete Your Fitness Goals.


The PE Geek



Conceived/Designed/Developed & Promoted by Jarrod Robinson a Physical Education Teacher in Country Victoria.

Project Brief

Active Globe allows students and individuals to select a distance based goal on a real world Google Map. Once they pick the start and end locations, for example Melbourne and Sydney, they get exercising by either walking, running, cycling or swimming. As they complete these activities they log them in their dashboard and watch as they move towards their destination on the real Map. Active Globe is the only service on the planet that turns your physical activity into a real world travel experience. Taking you around the globe to complete your fitness goals.

Project Need

Active Globe is dedicated to helping both adults and young people stay in shape and improve their health and well-being via a truly unique and interactive fitness experience. While numerous activity tracking apps exist, none of them enable you to set real world goals and watch as you cumulatively run, swim, cycle & walk between them.

Active Globe works to meet the health and fitness needs of students, schools, adults and individuals by providing them with an incentivised fitness experience like no other. Active Globe, although in its infancy, is already working to improve these outcomes with over 15,000 active members throughout the world.

User Experience

Active Globe utilises a fully responsive web based application that enables the user to plan, log and view their activity from any device. In order to be a truly useable service, responsive design needed to be achieved. This enables students, individuals and users to easily log activities regardless of their location.

Once logged into the dashboard, users can intuitively pick their destination goal on a full screen map. Once this is completed they are ready to start working towards achieving it. After they complete activity they press the Log button and add the distance they completed. They are instantly able to see this progress on the map. Users can make the logging process even easier by connecting to third party distance tracking apps such as RunKeeper, FitBit and Moves; Once connected these apps automatically push distance information to Active Globe. The user can then simply watch their journey progress, with badges and certificates emailed to them as they progress.

Project Marketing

Being the only service of its kind in the market, the opportunity for schools, individuals and charities to utilise Active Globe for improved physical activity. The project is marketed via Social Media platforms to Teachers & Individuals. It is also shared via various conferences and workshop seminars that I present at around the world.

- We have explored promotional material within various Educational Magazines & ACHPER Magazine
- Facebook Advertisements and Boosted Posting has also been used throughout its launch
- Use of FREE accounts with upgradeable components in app makes it possible to easily build a user base
- We are also in the process of direct marketing to schools and educational institutes throughout Australia via phone calls and targeted emails
-We will be looking to make connections with organisations that could extend the reach of active globe within other sectors.

Project Privacy

Active Globe utilises a contemporary Privacy Policy from Legal Professionals at Iubenda, Encrypted SSL for ensuring registration and payment data is securely communicated. All payments are processed via Third Party processors such as PayPal and Stripe.

Users also have the option to sign up to the service using Facebook or Twitter. This limits the information they need to share with a new service. Users who sign up with an email address only require the bare minimal personal content is required for sign up; such as name & email address. Full transparency of our service enables user to be confident regarding how their personal information is used to only provide and communicate the service

This category relates to Startups working on a Mobile project or an App. The project could be for smartphones, tablet, web, game console or api apps.  Startup projects need to be newly emerging, less than 5 million users and less than 3 years old.

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