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Easy First Aid - Incident & Record Keeping Tool [DRAFT]







Project Overview

Easy First Aid is a powerful First Aid Record Keeping and Treatment Tool. A truly mobile and powerful way to capture and record incident details and subsequent treatment. Never again will you need to keep extensive and confusing paperwork.


The PE Geek


Developed by Jarrod Robinson a Physical Education teacher in Country Victoria. Jarrod is known throughout the online community as “The PE Geek”, and authors a blog of the same name at www.thepegeek.com which has proved to be an invaluable resource for teachers seeking effective use of 21st century tools in PE.

He has presented Nationally and Internationally for over 5 years on the topic of Technology & Physical Education. His major interests lie within mobile learning and as a result he has begun his own mobile development company, “The PE Geek Apps”, which builds mobile applications for teachers on both Android and iOS devices. He has recently released his 60th Mobile App

Project Brief

Regardless of where you are, or who you work with, collective groups are a guarantee. However as we all know accidents can happen, and regardless of whether they’re minor or major accurate record keeping is essential. Until now this has been a painful process and location bound.

Enter Easy First Aid.

Easy First Aid is exactly that; A super easy way to track and record First Aid incidents and injuries. Easily capture vital First Aid Information including time of incident, assessment, treatment and referral details. Attach Photo & Video evidence to support your Incident direct from your camera roll or Dropbox. You can even Filter and Communicate First Aid Incident Reports via Email & Dropbox.

Easy First Aid also stores all of your content on iCloud which automatically syncs First Aid records between all your devices with iCloud. Perfection.

Project Need

The entry is innovative in that it takes an important process that is part of all organisational requirements and makes it more intuitive, mobile and ultimately more powerful. Easy First Aid makes it possible for groups to share and work on the same up to date information regardless of their physical location. Reports generated from Easy First are far richer than traditional alternatives with video & photo evidence available to enhance the communication like no other.

User Experience

Easy First Aid has been designed to be minimalist in nature, enabling users to quickly interact and record the vital information they need. To achieve this design we focused on including only the elements that were needed in the design; Ample white space also brings conveys a nostalgic feeling of a paper based recording tool.

While using Easy First Aid users can confidently work between any iOS device they like. This level of fluidity was an essential and necessary ingredient in the success of the app and the eventual take up mobile organisations who are required to track First Aid Incidents.

Project Marketing

The project is marketed via Social Media platforms to teachers well connected with Educational Technology; It is also shared via various conferences and workshop seminars that I present at around the world.

- We have explored promotional material within various Educational Magazines
- Facebook Advertisements and Boosted Posting has also been used
- The app is 100% FREE making it possible to easily build a user base
- We have targeted our existing app customer base with direct email and push notifications

I would love to connect the app with first aid organisations around the world

Project Privacy

Easy First Aid works only works on all iOS devices provided by Apple. This sandboxed environment provides the user privacy & security. First Aid data is stored locally on the users device, and communicated only via Apples iCloud Service, which is an infinitely scalable and world leading cloud tool.

This category recognises applications that aid and facilitate productivity such as notes, diaries, schedulers, data entry and spreadsheet apps.
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