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Hark [DRAFT]




Project Overview

HARK™ is Mnet’s globally patented, interactive audio recognition technology, which allows clients to create the ultimate second-screen experience. Our technology ‘listens’ to watermark audio delivered via any nearby audio source (television, radio, tablets, computers or digital outdoor) and synchronises applications with the broadcast.
It then compares the user's physical actions (speed, position, timing) versus the ideal dataset to give them a score and feedback.

This technology has been used in a number of apps including the Kia ‘Game On’ campaign for the Australian Open, which according to Channel 7 “set the benchmark for TV sponsorship leverage and integration”.


Mnet Mobile


Team Mnet

Project Brief

Mnet conceived this technology and developed this platform to create expanded and synchronised experience between a show and the user’s personal smartphone.

For example:

As in Kia Game On or SBS World Cup Shootout the user can interact with the television broadcast, they can play a game with a television commercial.

In a live catwalk show the audience can tap to 'favourite' the clothes they see on the catwalk, because they are “magically” appearing on their smartphone.

And... we're giving viewers at home the opportunity to compete against Reality TV stars on the screen in front of them.

Project Need

This second-screen interactive experience had never been done before in the world. Our global patent attests to this.

HARK works on broadcast TV, digital outdoor, online and even at live events with considerable ambient noise.

Australia's leading TV Network, Channel 7, said it “set the benchmark for TV sponsorship leverage and integration”.

Whilst campaigns including HARK have been advertised only in Australia so far, through playing online our technology has been used by a global audience in over 140 countries.

HARK has transformed the mobile second-screen experience for numerous TV programs, sports and events. Numerous Australian campaigns and media companies have adopted our HARK technology, and we are currently in discussions with a number of International brands.

User Experience

All good apps need a little magic – the “I don’t know how it does that!” factor.

With Hark we are creating ground-breaking experiences and,because the technology is invisible and frictionless, the user doesn’t quite understand how it’s working, they are getting the ultimate mobile app experience - "I don't know how they are doing that!"

What Hark is proven to do so far is create better integrated second screen experiences.

In some applications we have used it to feed ‘in sync’ complimentary information to the smartphone.

In others we have used it to invite relevant interactions with the live show.

In others we have created a new three dimensional gaming experience, such as Kia Game On, where the device becomes a controller and the sound broadcast through the smartphone compliments and enhances what you hear from the screen, ‘filling your living room’ with the experience.

Project Marketing

We are partnering with globally leading brands to bring TV sponsorships, placements and outdoor activations to life.

Through Kia, we have already exposed 200,000+ people to the technology,and have many more talking about it.

We have a dedicated team deploying this technology to new clients and agency teams.

Watch out for HARK technology in your next Mobile experience!

Project Privacy

Applications embedded with Hark technology conform to our best practice ‘privacy by design’ approach, for compliance reasons and in accordance with our user centred principles.

We have been running competitions and promotions on mobile almost continually since 2002. We have our own evolved Privacy Policy (http://mnetmobile.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/mnet-privacy-policy.pdf) which conforms to the requirements of The Privacy Act 1988. The methods and constraints relating to how we collect store, disclose (including de-identify) and remove data are detailed in this policy which is globally accessible on our website.

Our methods are practiced responsibly by trained and dedicated Competitions and Promotions staff and technical support staff. This underpins all the work we do for clients.

The current pick of the crop apps have moved from roll your own to accelerating by using platforms, platforms like yours. The winner of this category will be a platform or service that makes the App life cycle go easier than other alternatives, it will power features that would have taken years to bring to market and allow App Designers to run and jump where if they had to do it themselves they would just be imagining their solution

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