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SALSA'S - Mobile Website [DRAFT]




Project Overview

Sexy Salsa's diners can rejoice with their very own dedicated mobile website !

In 2014, its never been easier to find your closest Salsa's outlet for;

- Tasty Tacos
- Spicy Burritos
- Yummy Nachos

Red Pants brilliant design and world leading technology delivers all smartphone users direct to their closest Salsa's store via a dedicated mobile website.

www.salsas.com.au Ole ! Say Jose !

(oh yeah... once launched, an extra 100 customers used the store locator EVERY DAY !)

Project Commissioner

Retail Zoo

Project Creator

Red Pants Mobile Websites


Wes Garth - Project Director
Rohit Verma - Design Director
Peter Forster - Technical Director

Project Brief

"Life moves pretty fast."
"If you don't stop & look around, you can miss it."
- Ferris Bueller, (Ferris Bueller's Day Off 1986)

Wake. Work. Sleep.
Did I get a chance to eat today ?

Salsa's Fresh Mex Grill is an emerging player in the high end franchise takeaway food sector.

How do you capture the 95% of Australians who are smartphone savvy, critically time poor and damn hungry ? Now ?

Answer. Easy.
Just deliver a world leading dedicated mobile website that allows all smartphone web users to research, find and contact their closest Salsa's outlet.

It's NOT an APP..and its not responsive design.

With >50% of all web searches now conducted on smartphones, Retail Zoo recognised that the majority of Australians are looking for their next take out meal via the web (not trawling thru app stores), and that responsive versions of their desktop websites are too slow and cumbersome.

Responsive design just doesn't cut it when it comes to smartphone user conversions to purchase.

Hey Jose, guess what ? The Salsa's dedicated mobile website by Red Pants works seamlessly across all smartphones devices and operating systems...so there is no need to build it multiple versions across different operating systems.

Cost effective ? You bet Jose !

Project Need

With >85% of smartphone users deleting a slow or non-mobile friendly website from their mobile devices, it was critical for Salsa's to act quickly to engage the hungry masses.

The fast food discretionary spend sector is a high stakes game, so a quick to market deployment (Red Pants deployed this mobile website within 6 days from sign off) allowed Salsa's to drive immediate revenue and efficiencies including;

- 44,000 mobile visitors
- 22,500 used store locator (that's > 700 per week)
- 1,500 Calls direct to outlets for pre orders

...100 extra meals sold EVERY DAY since launch.

Utilizing Red Pants' Australian owned and operated technology (no offshore outsourcing), the customised Salsa's mobile website is a global benchmark in mobile website innovation and design.

Purposely built on its own dedicated m. re-direction script of the desktop website, it ensures that for >50% of web searches conducted on smartphones, it will immediately load the mobile friendly version fast in seconds.

User Experience

Have you ever seen 2,000,000 simultaneous Australian hungry lunchtime shoppers ? Look Out !

Consumers thru the ages demand Speed & Convenience. The Salsa's dedicated mobile website delivers on all levels.

With Australian's leading the globe in smartphone penetration and usage it was a perfect fit to develop and deploy the Salsa's dynamic mobile friendly with Fast and Easy-To-Navigate 'One-Tap' menu tabs including;

- Nearest Store Locator (from the smartphone users current location)
- GPS (turn by turn) directions without leaving the mobile website
- 'One Tap' click to call ordering
- See latest Menu items and offerings
- Activate their loyalty cards and check points
- Latest News and offers

The Salsa's mobile website was designed to complement the fast and dynamic nature of the out of home dining enthusiast.

Project Marketing

"Build It and They Will Come".

And they did. Immediately.

With almost 30% of Salsa's existing web traffic coming from smartphone devices it was a priority to launch the Salsa's dedicated mobile website and convert these 'browsers to buyers'.

The fast food consumer was organically searching for a suitable high end fast food meal without ease nor success.

With Red Pants' startling design and layout, the smartphone user is immediately driven to take action, engage and transact with Salsa's.

Identifying the key 'call to action' to convert the smartphone user to a purchaser is paramount in gauging the mobile website's success.

The mobile website was deployed in December 2013 to capture the school holiday and Xmas shopping consumer who is always on the move.

Project Privacy

The Salsa's mobile website is a total non opt-in nor sign-up web based platform.

This allows complete privacy for any user accessing it via any smartphone device operating system.

For pure web access environment, it allows all smartphone users to access all information anonymously and discretely.

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