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MYOB PayDirect [DRAFT]




Project Overview

MYOB PayDirect makes it easy for businesses to manage their invoices and take credit card payments on their smart phone using an iOS or Android mobile app and a secure ‘Chip and PIN’ payment device whilst on the road.

MYOB PayDirect is fully integrated into MYOB AccounRight, so that users can access their customer details, product items ain real-time when they’re creating new invoices or taking payment.

This integration eliminates data-entry and date-entry errors by eliminating double entry of key accounting data and by automatically posting invoice and payment details through to AccountRight in real time.




Product Strategy Matt Mulligan

Product Manager Michael Toose

Developers Matthew Ueckerman, Russell Van Bert, Jacky Li, Andrew Louth

Product Delivery Jayen Vaghani

Quality Assurance Rob Manger

Marketing Rebecca Roberts,Jesse Logan

Project Brief

MYOB PayDirect turns SMEs’ smartphones into quick, easy payments terminals. It offers deep integration with popular cloud accounting solution AccountRight so payments are automatically entered into clients’ books. It also enables receipts and invoices to be delivered to their customers on the spot.

The MYOB PayDirect application needed to be simple & easy to use but a valuable business tool. Small to micro businesses need to be able to easily register for the service and be able to use the application with minimal training.

The application also needed to connect to a secure PIN based mobile payment terminal that end customers would trust and seamlessly interface directly with the MYOB cloud based accounting software.

It had to balance simplicity with being functionally valuable to any business that takes direct payments from their customers & available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Project Need

MYOB PayDirect involves a free mobile app that with the PayDirect Card reader enables business owners to take credit card payments.
MYOB clients with an AccountRight subscription* have access to additional features allowing them to take care of their business on the go:
• Mobile invoicing – for managing, creating, editing and sending invoices from your smartphone.
• Mobile contacts – for managing, creating and editing contact details of customers and suppliers from your smartphone (includes integration with mapping software to find directions to clients).
• Your accounts in MYOB AccountRight are automatically updated so no need to re key any invoice, customer or payment data back at the office saving you time and money.

MYOB PayDirect is the perfect business tool for any small or micro business who wants to see outstanding invoices, create invoices and take payments when they are with their customer.

MYOB PayDirect not only allows business to see all customer invoices and past payments from their smart phone, it also fully automates the creation of the invoice when made from the smart phone, it is posted directly to the accounting software. Furthermore, by being able to process a real time credit card payment allows the end customer to more easily pay for services on the spot, which in turn dramatically improves the cash flow of the business.

MYOB PayDirect is like having an invoice book, product book, calculator, payment device and accounting software all in one simple to use offering.

User Experience

A business needs to register for the MYOB PayDirect service on-line at myob.com.au/paydirect. Once approved they will be sent a secure Chip and PIN device which is linked to their account. They then need to download the free PayDirect application from the Apple Store or Google Play.

When they first use the application they can elect to link it to an existing MYOB cloud accounting account they may have so that the smart phone application seamlessly interfaces with their accounting software.

MYOB PayDirect allows users to manage invoices, and access customer contact information. By also putting mobile payments into the hands of business owners, MYOB enhances is a great way to manage your business on the go.

Project Marketing

MYOB PayDirect was launched in line with our MYOB Partner Roadshow in March 2014. This was paired with a national PR campaign on the launch of our iOS application which saw the application reviewed in multiple international publications and then a further follow up message when Android became available in April 2014.

This has been paired with marketing pages on our website which highlight the features and benefits of the payment service http://www.myob.com.au/paydirect to encourage users to apply for the payments service and download the applications.

We also supported this with distribution across our main social channels- Twitter, LinkedIn, FaceBook and Google +.

In addition there was search marketing support and existing client communications.

To date, to a large extent, uptake has been driven by the PR messaging which has received:
• 598 pieces of coverage
• 78% online
• 17% print
• 5% broadcast
• Ave. reach per clip: 13,326

To date, Since April when launched:

• The PayDirect web pages have had over 20,000 visitors
• The PayDirect app has been downloaded more than 3,500 times
• Over 1,000 MYOB AccountRight subscribers use the app for invoicing and contact management, and
• Over 240 merchants are using the mobile payments service

The service will be further promoted in July with the addition of a major above-the-line outdoor, radio and digital display and re targeting campaign.

Project Privacy

MYOB PayDirect businesses need to enter a secure 4 digit PIN to be able to use the service.

The Chip and PIN device needs to be linked to that business user for it to work.

A customer has to enter their normal 4 digit credit card payment PIN, supplied by their bank, into the payment terminal which is never passed through the MYOB PayDirect application and is never seen or known by the business.

The category relates to applications that aid productivity in Line of Business.
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