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Juvo [DRAFT]






Project Overview

Juvo is next generation of mPOS. Juvo is the simplest way to run your business, accept card payments and has all the features you need to impress your customers. Customise your inventory, attract new customers and reward your regulars with integrated loyalty programs, and get the information you need to make informed business decisions with real-time in app reporting. Built native by the team, we've focused on building a solution that adapts to small business and has been tested extensively by actual users in the field with amazing results. Welcome to the complete mobile payment ecosystem.




At Tappr, we've put together a team of experienced and innovative engineers, product developers and creative minds to produce and develop the next generation of mobile point of sale and financial technology. We named the project Juvo which means "to benefit" in latin. Our vision is to benefit small business by developing a solution that lets business owners and managers run their business from their smartphone or tablet. The team consisted of:

Brett Hales

Kerry Esson

Ben Lawton

James Zaghini

Mark Biegel

Courtney Keim

Lauren Borger

Project Brief

Juvo enables SME's, non-profits and sole traders to run their business from their smartphone or tablet and accept card payments using the Juvo Card Reader.

Compatible with most iOS and Android devices, Juvo app has a host of useful features including an advanced product library, integrated loyalty offerings, mutiple staff member options and impress your customers by offering receipts via SMS, Email or if you have a compatible printer active, via Printer. Juvo also connects to compatible cash drawers and barcode scanners. Plug in's are available with Xero and Quickbooks.

Juvo Card Reader connects via BLE to the users handset and accepts Chip and PIN, Swipe or NFC (Tap n go) transactions. With a focus on security in mind, Juvo Card Reader is compliant to EMV and PCI standards and secures payment data securely through an innovative encryption method.

Overall, the solution is very intuitive for users to run with very little staff training required. The app is free to download with no subscription fees or hidden charges. Juvo Card Reader is $99 to purchase and you're charged per transaction with no minimum amounts or thresholds.

Project Need

Juvo helps small business set up, run and grow their business. There was a real need for SME's to have a card acceptance tool that's simple and intuitive, yet flexible enough to cater towards their business needs. We combined the Card Reader with a mobile point of sale app so Juvo is truly an all-in-one solution for small business.

These are some of the benefits:

1. Cash Flow: Assisting cash flow by accepting payments then and there.
2. Cost: Juvo is only $99 to purchase so set up costs are low.
3. Quick Set up: The approval process for Juvo is super quick and users are up and running within 5 minutes.
4. Flexibility: With no hidden or ongoing charges or contracts, you only pay for what you transactions you take.
5. Multiple Users: Juvo can grow with your business and have multiple users active on the one account.
6. Sales Summaries: In app or online, you can view sales summaries, your best products, your best trading hours and many more features all in real-time.
7. Reporting: Gathering your transaction data and exporting to plug in's like Xero and Quickbooks is simple and will keep your accountant happy.
8. Safety and Security: Juvo has been built to comply with the latest EMV and PCI standards. No transaction data is exposed.
9. All in one mPOS offering: Connect compatible hardware offerings like Printers, Cash Drawers and Barcode Scanners to the Juvo app.

User Experience

UI/ UX was important for us in relation to sign up, overall use and retention. Business owners don't want to spend time teaching staff to use Juvo so we spent many days testing and making sure Juvo is intuitive and user-friendly.

One of the biggest problems highlighted is when a business applies for a merchant account and terminal. Normally its a 15 - 21 day application process and large costs are associated with large upfront costs for small businesses.

You can set up a merchant account, be verified and approved and start accepting payments within minutes using Juvo. Our online registration process is simple yet captures the appropriate data to be approved. This happens through both the app and online.

The App needed to be intuitive and minimal so we put together a basic feature set that businesses would use and limited the amount of screens on the app. Modals were used when appropriate to give the feeling that you haven't left the page so users felt comfortable throughout the navigation.

Everything from set-up, login, connectivity to overall use had to be simple for anyone. This is disruptive technology so if we are asking business owners to move away from a traditional cash register to an tablet or smartphone, we had to make the transition simple and add value.

Project Marketing

We don't have the biggest marketing budget but digital marketing can be cost effective if used intelligently. Brand awareness for us is something we worked on early. We were successful in creating early exposure and this gave us brand credibility to go and approach others.

We identified a number of cost effective channels we could exploit including both digital and direct focusing on outside the box thinking to deliver the most efficient ways of attracting our target audience. Whatever was planned, it was always on a shoestring budget.

Thinking like Branson, we also started thinking about extreme sports, funny campaigns and events to create awareness and exposure.
Small business was our target so we are active where they are in both online and offline.

Project Privacy

We have to comply with AML CTF regulations so Privacy was critical. From the beginning of the company, we knew we had to act like a multi-national so our governance was strong. When partnering with Banks, Scheme's and others, you have to make sure all requirements are met. We on-board merchants so KYC is critical throughout the entire on-boarding process including once the customer has been approved.

The category relates to applications developed to facilitate the transfer of funds over the mobile platform.
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