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Project Overview

The LambRoast app makes roasting so easy, anyone can do it. Tap your way to the perfect lamb roast in three simple steps. 1. Select your cut 2. Input the weight of the cut 3. Start cooking!
From mid week mini roasts that can be cooked in half an hour, to long Sunday lunches with friends or family - any day of the week is perfect for a lamb roast.

Project Commissioner

Meat & Livestock Australia

Project Creator

Creative Licence Digital


Creative Licence Digital

Project Brief

Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) were looking to dispel the myth that Mum’s famous lamb roast requires a full day of Sunday cooking to perfect. With new cuts and mini-roasts now being made available, any day is perfect for a lamb roast. MLA wanted to provide home cooks with a basic utility app to increase consumer confidence when cooking lamb roast.

After thoroughly testing the cooking matrix, MLA pulled together a list of lamb cuts perfect for roasting and formulated the optimal cooking times for each based on their weights. Creative Licence Digital were then engaged to design a simple to use, stylish app that would bring the Easy Lamb Roast concept to life.

With several thousand downloads across iOS and Android, and rave reviews, MLA have provided consumers with another great app that proves how simple it is to cook a lamb roast.

Project Need

MLAs consumer research identified a gap in the mid week lamb roast market. With new smaller cuts being made available, MLA saw an opportunity to educate consumers on just how simple and quick cooking a lamb roast can be.
The app provides users with a super simple interface, that allows for a simple 3 step cooking process. The cuts are listed with popular cuts featured at the top of the list for easy selection. Users can discover new cuts, or find out more information about the cuts they’re selecting via the ‘i’ on the cut selection label.
The weight selection uses the graphic of an old school set of kitchen scales, where users can slide the weight up or down, negating the need for any keypad interaction. Once the weight is selected, users hit the play button to commence their cook. On screen alerts and subtle sound effects indicate cooking instructions.

All of the primary tasks can be completed directly via the home screen, with a global navigation panel located on the base of screen for secondary tasks and information such as roasting tips and carving tips.

From a technical perspective, the app has been designed using a lightweight HTML5 code base, for portability across both iOS and Android with native features built in for timer and alert functionality.

User Experience

The LambRoast app utilises a clean, minimalist style with the primary tasks maintained as the hero at all times. Given most users will likely be handling cooking utensils, the app needed to be simple enough to use with one hand. By removing unnecessary steps and any reliance on the keypad, we’re ensuring the app can be handled by a single thumb tap select process.
The illustrative style and simple colour palette are consistent with the Lamb Roast campaign design providing an approachable and yet stylish brand experience.

The Timer shows a visual representation of the calculated cook countdown so that users can see how their cook is progressing at any point. On screen alerts then appear at the correct times and sound affects will also alert the cook to the different steps and instructions. All buttons and imagery are consistent with best practice touch screen areas

Clean fluid screen transitions and simple animations further enhance the user experience and remove any complexity of navigation or moving through the primary use case.

Project Marketing

The LambRoast app was launched in conjunction with MLA’s Easy Lamb Roast autumn Advertising Campaign featuring a TVC, point of sale posters, pack stickers, recipe editorials, bus panels and a series of radio spots with the call to action of downloading the LambRoast aoo. Another additional element of the campaign saw recipe dispensing panels distributing recipe ideas in major shopping locations around the country.

Project Privacy

Only anonymous app user tracking has been implemented to track basic user statistics. No personal data is captured or required to use the app at all.

This category relates to applications themed around food and drink. Restaurant and bar reviews and guides would enter here.
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