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Project Overview

Bathurst Real Estate tenants now have all the information and forms they need at the tips of their fingers with the Bathurst Real Estate Property Management app.

The app gives tenants the ability to complete and submit maintenance requests, direct debit requests, residential applications and intention to vacate notifications directly from their phone or tablets. It also gives them easy access to property manager contact details and the preferred suppliers for all home repairs and maintenance.

Project Commissioner

Bathurst Real Estate

Project Creator

Appiwork Pty Ltd


Appiwork is a dynamic, family-owned mobile app development company located in Bathurst, in regional NSW lead by Isao and Zoe Hida.

Project Brief

Bathurst Real Estate approached Appiwork to create a mobile app which would improve customer service with tenants, streamline business processes and give them a competitive marketing edge.

Since it was published, the app has made repairs and the maintenance more efficient across the property portfolio. It has also freed up property managers from addressing basic tenant inquiries which are now catered for with the app.

Project Need

For the first time tenants have the ability to manage their tenancy information and maintenance of their property without the need for paper work or visiting the estate agent office.

Maintenance requests are now received by one centralised email account which has decreased turn around time for repairs.

Customers have a centralised way to access current rental information and book inspection of properties.

User Experience

With strong Bathurst Real Estate branding, the user interface is clean, user friendly and focused on accessing the information in the quickest most logically way.

User testing was carried out with Bathurst Real Estate property managers and a select group of tenants which helped refine the intervals for the rental reminders.

Project Marketing

Bathurst Real Estate has promoted the BRE Property Management app extensively to the Bathurst community through advertising and public relations campaigns in local press and radio.

The app was featured on a mass mailout in the local area, on the Bathurst Real Estate website and Facebook business page.

The app has also received significant coverage in industry press throughout the country.

Most importantly, Bathurst Real Estate property managers actively assist each new tenant to download the app when they lease with them. As a result, almost all tenanted properties have at least one tenant using the app.

Project Privacy

This is a standalone app which doesn't access personal information from the device it is operating on or store personal user information.

Users may send emails via the app and access web portals which are subject to the Bathurst Real Estate privacy policy.

This category recognises migration of an audience from a traditional media to a mobile platform.
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