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Bunchrides - Social Media for Cyclists [DRAFT]






Project Overview

Bunchrides is a social media platform built for people who are interested in a “bunch ride” where a group of cyclists ride together on a common route.

This new app for cyclists, makes it easy to hook up with people online and go for a ride together.

The Bunchrides concept combines a website and Smartphone App into a highly interactive social media. Bunchrides makes it easy for cyclists to search for rides or set up their own and invite friends without the hassle of following up by phone or email.

Project Commissioner


Project Creator

Liquid Creativity


Andrew Talati / Founder - Ideas Creator
Sue Palmer / Co-Founder - Creative Director
Elain Loh / Designer
Paulo Madeira / Designer
Hiren Savjiyani / Tech Mastermind
Riddhi Savjiyani / IT
Achyut Kanabar/ IT
Paul Thornhill / Marketing

Bunchrides is the project of a private Australian company headed by Andrew Talati. Andrew has been a passionate cyclist for 25 years and a regular bunch rider for the last 8 years. Over the years, as Andrew’s friends kept finding it increasingly difficult to organise and find group rides, Andrew came up with the Bunchrides concept.

Substantial research into cyclists’ behaviour and the industry has confirmed that the Bunchrides concept is not only liked by cyclists but fills a gap in a rapidly growing market place.

Project Brief

Ever tried to organise a group of people to get together for a ride? Emails, text messages...it can be frustrating. Founder, Andrew Talati thought that there must be an easier way.

Two and half years later Bunchrides was born. While it hosts sophisticated technology, Bunchrides is designed to make it easy for people to enjoy riding together.

Bunchrides aim is to help anyone wanting to ride together with an easy to use, multi-channel social media platform. The target audience is all types of groups, passionate A-Grade cyclists, colleagues riding to work together or a bunch of urban rangers organising a breezy ride on a Saturday afternoon. Men, women, kids riding to school, families on a weekend outing; if you love group riding, you’ll love Bunchrides.

Project Need

Until now, there has been no easy or effective way for cyclists to connect with each other. Bunchrides brings the different parts of a cyclist’s world together. Cyclists can find a ride, create a ride or cycling event, create a team or group, connect with each other and share their two-wheeled adventures.

At present, there are only antiquated and informal cycling networks on the market, making it difficult for cyclists to find a group ride and frustrating for organisers to arrange a ride and communicate with their group.

Bunchrides is a flexible digital communications platform with:
• Social media for the specific needs of the cycling community.
• A special ride data cutting tool not available anywhere in the world.
• A focus just on cycling and fully integrates social media, group rides, GPS tracking, live tracking, group analytics and tools to build communities and aggregate information for cyclists.
• Interactivity with riders and websites from other communities.
• Tourism marketing – maps, online brochure information and bike routes.
• The ability for tourist operators to create packages to attract visitors to the regions.
• The perfect opportunity for organisations to connect with cyclists via social media.

User Experience

Bunchrides is a new app designed for cyclists which makes it easy to hook up with people online and go for a ride together.

Simply download the app to a smartphone or PC you can start searching for rides and teams or set up your own.

Finding the right ride is easy because Bunchrides has all the information about the routes, including detailed maps and information like difficulty, times and distance.

Bunchrides has been designed to work for all sorts of riders - from dedicated sports cyclists to ride to work professionals, from suburban families on a weekend ride to young trendy inner city types.

Bunchrides is the perfect way to organise a group ride. You just use Bunchrides Chat to invite friends, post updates and chat with other riders.

You then link Bunchrides to Garmin or your smartphone, and the app will capture all of your ride stats automatically. It boasts a sophisticated design with lots of stats for people to view and compare.

Who benefits from Bunchrides:
• Parents, teachers and school communities
• Children and families
• Sports cyclists
• Community organisations, churches, clubs
• Employers and people commuting to work
• Small businesses
• Tourism boards and event managers
• Government agencies

Project Marketing

Bunchrides is actively seeking partners to help fulfil our mission and become the social media platform for cyclists and our community.

Bunchrides has had a lot of interest from businesses and organisations who want to partner with us - including tourism groups, Local and State Government agencies, cycling associations, cycle friendly businesses, health and member organisations, school communities, bike shops and cafés on popular bike routes.

Our marketing strategy includes:
• Beta testing with recreational groups and shop rides to engage the group leaders
• Promotion to member organisations, employers and road cyclists
• Promote to regional tourism throughout Australia
• Promote as an ideal social media platform for local communities, schools and parents interested in getting their kids fit and active. Promotion of ride to school days.
• Partnership at cycling events for participants to use Bunchrides as their social media platform (ie. Great Victorian Bike Ride)
• Media campaign targeting business, cycling, community, health and technology
• The site has been set up for SEO so rides can easily be found
• Regular Blogs on real stories of everyday cyclists
• Ability to post rides on Twitter and Facebook

Project Privacy

We have taken reasonable steps so that personal information can only be accessed by people properly authorised to have access.

All passwords used by Registered Users are encrypted when saved to the Service.

We have security access to our premises and control and protection measures regarding our electronic databases.

No credit card details are stored on our system.

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