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Westpac Pay Pig [DRAFT]






Project Overview

Westpac’s Pay Pig App is a fun, easy-to-use educational, family-friendly app helping kids learn the value of saving and working towards a long-term goal. Parents simply set up chores, time frame, reward amount and Pay Day for each chore/task undertaken. In turn, kids set their goals for things they want to save for, take responsibility for getting chores done to save money for their goals. Once the chores are completed, kids tick them off and the parents receive a notification. On Pay Day, the child is one step closer to reaching his/her savings long-term goal.


Westpac Group


Head of Digital Marketing - Bryan Meredith
Digital Campign Manager - Mirka Potrykus
Executive Creative Director -Marco Eychenne
Creative Director - Anna Karena
Planning Director - Dom Hickey
Business Director – Gayle While
Account Manager – Jaime Marin
Lead Web Developer – Donald Martinez
Lead Digital Producer – Annie Chan
Technical Solutions Architect – Phuong Hoang
Back End Developer – Cahyadi Utomo

Project Brief

In the past, Australians had been relatively bad savers. We wanted children to start learning the value of money at a young age and to start working towards goals. Hence, Westpac conducted a survey (Westpac’s Kids and Money Report, 2013) and the research suggested kids who earn money through chores and use technology to track their savings are more than twice as likely (45%) to understand the value of money compared to those who do neither (18%).
Based on these facts, and to deepen customer relationships by providing helpful and engaging digital tools, Westpac developed the Pay Pig App – the modern way to encourage kids to save using technology they love – their smartphones.

Innovation is innate in Westpac Group and it focuses on being simple and helpful and the experience is the single most important driver in creating a memorable and lasting impression with our customers. In this instance, we have made it easier for our customers to track and build up on their savings to reach their long-term savings target - an easy-to-use educational app that the whole family can enjoy.

Project Need

Smartphone users are seeking to do more on their phones and Australians are looking at ways to save. With this in mind, Pay Pig was inspired to change what saving means to our customers and making learning to earn and save interactive, engaging and fun.

This is another example of how the Westpac Group is using digital innovation to deepen customer relationships by providing helpful and engaging digital tools for our customers (even our little customers!).

The Pay Pig App is a first of its kind in Australia which brings the traditional piggy bank into the 21st Century for Australian families.

The innovation addresses marketing to a new generation – our little customers (kids 4-16 years) both existing and non-Westpac customers.

Westpac was the first to launch Pay Pig in Australia and due to its success, BankSA, St.George Bank and Bank of Melbourne (subsidiaries of Westpac Banking Group) launched similar products – Little Savers, Happy Saver and Flipper Funds respectively.

User Experience

The important driver is assisting parents and kids to create and use their own special profiles that help make setting chores and reaching goals a simple, fun and rewarding experience. Parents set their profile by adding as many kids as necessary and then set up the chores like dishwashing etc. For kids, they put a list of things together that they want to buy e.g. a new bike. What makes it fun for the kids is that they can take pictures of their chores and upload it to their personalised profiles. Once the chores are completed, kids tick them off and the parents receive a notification. Depending on the Pay Day set, the child is one step closer to reaching his/her savings goal.

We wanted Pay Pig to be used by everyone – Westpac and non-Westpac customers and how to integrate the parents to ‘pay’ their kids pocket money for every chore or goal that they accomplish with Banking. Hence for a Westpac customer, the parent would receive a notification with a link to Westpac Mobile Banking to allow them to transfer funds to their child's Youth Reward Saver or Kids Reward Saver accounts For a non-Westpac customer, parents can pay their kids through their non-Westpac internet banking, or by cash.

Project Marketing

Since the launch in May 2013, Pay Pig has had over 9,700 downloads generating more than 40 pieces of earned media across print, online, and broadcast media. Customers truly love what the app offers having received great reviews from the App Store (5 stars), the industry and media:
• SMH Weekend rated Pay Pig as the “App of the week” - September 2013
• Awards - Money Magazine 2014 winner (Best New Innovative Product, Service or Feature) and CANSTAR’s 2014 winner (Best Innovative Service)
• Finalist – AIMIA (Best of Smartphone 2014)

Some of the customer reviews in the App Store include:
• “Easy to use and so good for the kids to finally realize that money doesn’t grow on trees: love it!!!”
• I love that this app easily shows kids value of money. Finally something kid friendly from a bank! Well done Westpac”
• “Son loves it and looks at it all the time. Great job Westpac!”
• “I think this app is amazing! I often struggle to teach my child the value of money whilst also finding it hard to get him to do household chores! This app combines both. He now asks for new chores so he can build up his savings! Thanks guys, fantastic initiative plus easy to use”

Project Privacy

We are bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (‘Privacy Act’) and protect personal information in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles. These principles govern how we can collect, use, hold and disclose our customer’s personal information, as well as ensuring the quality and security of the information we hold. The Westpac Pay Pig app is available for anyone to download and use. Any information loaded onto the app is stored on the app for the user to use and set reminders/notifications. Westpac does not collect or have access to the information in this app. The Westpac privacy policy is provided on the Westpac Pay Pig website, so that customers can read about how Westpac manages it’s customer’s personal information.

This category relates to applications that provide financial information and tools.
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