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Project Overview

Easy Diet Diary is the top free Australian-made calorie counter for iPhone. It helps thousands of Australians to manage their own eating and weight.

Over 460 000 people have downloaded Easy Diet Diary since 2012, and the app is consistently in the Top 10 Free Apps in the Health and Fitness category of the iPhone app store.

Developments underway include facilitating easier collaboration between our users and their health professionals, and addressing specific nutrition-related health conditions.

Project Commissioner

Xyris Holdings Pty Ltd

Project Creator

Xyris Software (Australia) Pty Ltd


At Xyris we have a long-term commitment to the field of Australian nutrition. For over 20 years we have been providing software tools and nutrition data to analyse, monitor and improve the nutritional status of Australians.

This commitment is demonstrated in our development of FoodWorks®, which has earned its place as the gold standard in nutrition analysis software in Australia.

FoodWorks® serves the broad spectrum of Australian nutrition professionals:

-in the health sector: dietitians and nutritionists in clinics and hospitals

-in the tertiary sector: nutrition researchers, tertiary educators and students in universities and colleges

-in the food industry: food technologists and others creating food products and nutrition labels in food manufacturing and retail

Thus in creating Easy Diet Diary, we have brought to the table our unique combination of deep experience in the development of Australian nutrition software, and our own proprietary databases of Australian foods.

Project Brief

Our brief was to create a great, simple-to-use mobile diet tracker to help our users make better food choices to meet their goals.

We aimed to specifically serve Australians by providing high quality Australian food data and relevant analyses.

We also aimed to facilitate our users’ collaboration with dietitians and other nutrition professionals. Currently, users can email their diary to their nutrition professional for more advanced analysis in FoodWorks®. In the very near future, we will be launching a complementary website to enable nutrition professionals to easily and actively engage with users online.

Our brief includes the possibility of going beyond simple weight loss features to handling other nutrition issues, such as food intolerances and renal disease.

We are continuing to improve the usefulness and scope of Easy Diet Diary in many ways.

Project Need

It is well-recognised that in Australia we have a serious national problem with overweight and obesity, and that this has far-reaching health implications. In our view, any personal tool that can help individuals manage their own weight and nutrition in an effective and low cost way makes an important contribution.

Indeed, the demand from consumers for mobile diet tracking apps is high.

We have a great deal of feedback from our users that Easy Diet Diary is a useful and empowering tool, and that many lose weight using it. To validate this anecdotal evidence, a number of research studies are planned by Australian universities within the next 12 months.

Health professionals, in particular dietitians, are recognising the benefit for their clients of using Easy Diet Diary and actively recommending it.

We have also been approached by prominent health bodies to work on features that target health conditions with specific nutritional concerns.

We see Easy Diet Diary as a very significant and evolving tool for improving the nutrition and health of Australians.

User Experience

Easy Diet Diary provides a uniquely easy, useful and Australian experience. Our users constantly express their pleasure in finding a very useable Australian diet tracker that is motivating and helpful.

For example, the way that our users choose foods from our structured Australian food database is unique to our app. It’s easy and quick.

The comprehensive scanning database of commercial Australian foods also makes for a quick and satisfying experience.

Users can also easily toggle between Calories and kilojoules, offering the flexibility Australians require.

As well as energy, users can easily view major nutrients, such as saturated fat, and see the sources of the nutrient in their diet.

If they wish, users can send their diary to their dietitan for advice, who can then analyse the diary more comprehensively in FoodWorks®. For example, the dietitian can compare the user’s diary against the Australian Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs) and view a more extensive list of nutrients.

Easy Diet Diary emphasises function over glamour, as our users use it frequently and often for long periods. We emphasise a simple, clean look, and streamlined functionality.

Easy Diet Diary is absolutely free and without advertising.

Project Marketing

We have marketed Easy Diet Diary to dietitians so that they can tell their clients about it. Otherwise, except for our attempt to optimise the search terms in the App Store, Easy Diet Diary has not been marketed.

Project Privacy

We are bound by the Privacy Act 1988 and protect personal information in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles.

Only essential information is obtained, and we do not provide personal information to third parties. Although we have not done so to date, we will consider providing de-identified information for university research where the appropriate ethics approval has been granted. Also, users may opt to share their personal information with their nutrition professional through Easy Diet Diary.

Applicable to all Apps themed around fitness activities, nutrition and diet including services, instructional, trackers, counters, guides and workouts. 
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