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Parkhound [DRAFT]

Image Credit : The images are provided by Parkhound and can be reused on this site.





Project Overview

Parkhound mobile app allows real time booking of car parking spaces.




Parkhound (www.parkhound.com.au) is an online marketplace that connects drivers looking for parking with local property owners who have spare parking spaces. Local residents make money from leasing a parking space such as a garage or driveway and motorists get a cost effective and hassle free parking experience.

Project Brief

Do you always miss the last available parking space? Do you always get a parking fine for being back 5 minutes late? Parkhound is an amazing new service that allows drivers to book garages, driveways or allocated parking spaces instantly from local residents. It takes the hassle and stress out of driving and also removes the parking shortage that has burdened cities across Australia for year.

Project Need

For years, parking has been a major issue for motorists. Lack of investment in public infrastructure and reductions in parking have meant that parking is either unavailable, or the price is too exorbitant. Instead of ignoring the issue, Parkhound has decided to tackle it front on. Parkhound believes that we don't need new parking spaces, we just need to better utilise the parking spaces we already have. Through collaborative consumption, Parkhound aims to turn the parking industry on its head in Australia.

User Experience

Parkhound has developed a simple three step process for customers - Find, Book and Go. Users search for the parking space they need in the area they want. They then book the parking space for the time they need. Then it's time to go. Drivers can book a parking space in the time it takes to walk from the front door to their car. The mobile app is especially helpful for parking as customers can even book a parking space when they arrive at their destination.

Project Marketing

Parkhound has relied heavily on a grass roots social media campaign that generated thousands of followers across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The company has also utilised targeted display ads and a strong introduction video to capture the core proposition for customers. The company has received plenty of positive publicity including appearing in The Age, MX, Today Show and 3AW.

This category relates to Startups working on a Mobile project or an App. The project could be for smartphones, tablet, web, game console or api apps.  Startup projects need to be newly emerging, less than 5 million users and less than 3 years old.

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