2014 Australian Mobile & App Awards

mobile, web, IoT, desktop, connected devices
design champion, best studio, best start-up & IoT
plus 20 specialist nomination categories

demand design, celebrate courage

About the Awards

Mission Statement

design100 exists to grow design demand. We celebrate the courage of those who commission, create and consume design. We celebrate those who create and underpin demand for design. We do this so our society can leverage the most effective, proven and understood method to accelerate transformation – design. Our focus is applied design – the place where economics and creative industries intersect. We do this through encouraging involvement by those connected to the design economy. Want to get involved, want to join our community…

design100 provide a platform of award programs across three continents. They have been created to celebrate that most elusive, yet essential ingredient that lift our daily labours above the everyday.

That ingredient is courage; courage to seek further, aim higher, work harder.

Every design100 award program acknowledges that we live in a marketplace where the quality of our design choices should be a mix of sound, commercial understanding and courageous, relevant design.

It’s why we equally acknowledge and award the important role played by both the creator and the person who commissioned the project. Neither can exist without the other.

We celebrate their work and partnerships, opening communication between designers and the marketplace and help provide thought leadership on how design will shape the future.

design100 is a social enterprise, with 20% of programs’ profits returned to the industry through a series of grants that assist in the promotion of design.

Who should enter

The awards are open to any designer, design company, commissioner of design or student provided that or their project is active in the market where the Award is being held :

  • App designers & Creators
  • Creative Directors
  • Brand Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Product Designers & Engineers
  • Students

Nomination Process

Nominations are submitted online and reviewed by a panel of industry peers to ensure they meet the entry criteria.

Once a nomination has been deemed valid it will be made open for public and peer viewing, comment and voting.

Assessment Process

Firstly the ratings model is not a popularity contest, unlike reality TV shows or people votes there is no element of the awards model that focus on popularity. All design100 awards are based on merit. 

The ratings process is lead by the advisory panel, a group of over 180 global design expert. Their ratings are then combined with the design100 community member ratings.