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Domain Facebook Messenger Chat Bot [DRAFT]



Project Overview

Domain presents an Australian first with Domain Facebook Messenger Chat Bot. Users can share their location or a location they pin in the Domain Facebook messenger chat box and Domain replies back with properties in the area.

Tapping into Domain’s Home Price Guide - an online tool that opens up property data to provide valuations on 13 million addresses in Australia - users can instantly see the value of a property. Simply type in “Price for [address of property]” in the Domain Facebook chat box and Domain responds with the property’s estimated value in real time.


Domain Group



Gary Lo
Konstantin Burov
Johnny Zhou
Aurelien Garreua
David Meier
Henrique Marassi

Project Brief

The Brief: Create a beautiful and helpful interaction experience for Domain users on Facebook Messenger

Finding a new home can be a highly time consuming and exhausting process. Domain is constantly reinventing the property search journey and challenging the status quo with technology and innovation. We took the announcement and release of Facebook Messenger Chat Bots at the 2016 Facebook F8 Conference and began constructing a user experience that would make finding the right property easier and faster.

The result was Domain Facebook Messenger Chat Bot, an industry and Australia first offering. It’s pushing the envelope of innovation and the Australian real estate industry by providing Australians with a brand new way to find property and interact with the suite of Domain products.

Users are able to find properties near them in real time by simply sharing their location within a Domain Facebook Messenger chat.
The Messenger bot also opens up users to greater access to our valuation tool, Domain Home Price Guide. Leveraging information from Home Price Guide, it’s now as simply as typing in “Price for [address of the property]” in the Domain Facebook Messenger to find a price estimate for 13 million properties in Australia.

Project Need

Australians have a real passion for property, it’s ingrained in our culture, so the need for constant innovation, improvements in user experience and ease of real estate searching has never been more important.

The Australian real estate industry is a competitive market and time after time Domain has shown innovation and technology leadership with the release of revolutionising products and features. Domain Facebook Messenger Chat Bot is an Australian first and allows users to search for property and interact with Domain in a brand new way. The possibilities are endless and Domain have just began to scratch the surface with these two use cases - location based property search and Home Price Guide.

Domain’s Messenger bot was developed within two days of the developer platform being announced at the 2016 Facebook F8 Conference. It’s a truly unique interaction tool that is reinventing the property search journey in Australia and is the beginning of a new wave of innovation.

User Experience

User experience is always at the fore-front of every product and feature Domain launches. Domain leveraged the Facebook Messenger platform to inject property search and research process in a natural way to people’s daily life with chat. We continue to see new AI and chat features enter the market and it's changing the way people interact with brands. Consumers now expect to receive an instant response and we want to ensure people on the property journey has access to this type of immediate access to information, which is why we created the feature.

The key to great user experience is creating something that is powerful yet simple and that is exactly what Domain Facebook Messenger Bot is. With a few simple taps user’s are able to get access to valuable information to help them in their property search journey.

Project Marketing

Domain’s award winning marketing and PR team will be executing a strategic PR campaign in May to launch the offering and to highlight the innovation and technology leadership that Domain has demonstrated with the release of Domain Facebook Chat Bot.

Project Privacy

At Domain, privacy is very important. We have adhered to new Privacy Act in regency from July 2014. We are transparent with our customers and have disclaimers in data collection points such as enquire forms and sign up pages.

We also are very diligent with app permissions and no personal contacts are sent to our servers. The data we do collect is used to give our customers personalised user experience and to promote the services.

In addition, links to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy are easily accessible in Domain’s websites and apps.

This can be any new service or application from a start-up to an industry leader. It's not just bells and whistles we're after but true innovation, exceeding expectations and filling a void that had previously been open.
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